g-Bird is your personal
FREE Bird Management System

On your iPhone/Android you can
1) GPS record quickly & easily any bird you are currently seeing
2) See if your sighting is Inside / Outside its known Range
3) Email your sightings to your friends you birded with
4) Upload easily to the Server

On the website you can
1) See your sightings in 3-D GoogleEarth
2) See if your sightings are Inside / Outside known Range
3) View Wikipedia Info for any species
4) Export Sightings & Lists (per Date Range, Area, Species)

Contribute to Conservation    (Your data is used to)
1) Understand how Common/Rare different species are
2) Understand Migration Timing
3) Create up-to-date Range maps per species
4) Understand which species are using a specific area
5) Analyse results at any resolution

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For more information contact us at support@g-bird.org